Friday, December 01, 2006


Yep--It's official! Winter has come to the Windy City! I woke up this morning hoping that the schools would be closed. Not because I want my kids home all day going stir crazy--but because I didn't want to get them to school. We don't really live close enough to the school to walk--and I didn't want to take my car out in this! Or, quite honestly, didn't think I could get my car out!

It took some trying, and having to back up a couple of times to avoid sliding into the parked car in front of me--but we managed to get out of our parking spot. I decided to stay on the major roads to get to the school, which I'm just happy that there are major roads to do that with!

By the time I got home--it had taken about 20 minutes to get to school (less than a mile a way) and back! I don't plan on taking Blake to her class today--I'm hoping they will call and cancel!