Monday, December 18, 2006

Basektball Begins!!

Jake is playing Basketball for the second season. This year he is on the New Orleans "Hornets" team. Their first game was on the 9th of December. They played the Bulls and got their tushies kicked! The problem was that every member of the Bulls team looked as though they were at least 6 inches taller than every player on Jakes team.

This past Saturday was their second game and they played the Suns. Immediately I noticed the same height differential--and therefore thought we were in for a beating as well. But they came out and they looked great. They even scored first! The other team pulled ahead, but we managed to tie it at 8 for most of the game. In the final minutes there was a foul shot made and 1 extra basket--so we lost by 3--but I'm telling you--they looked amazing compared to last week!

Jake had a couple of great steals, some fabulous rebounds, and even did what he has never done before--he took a shot! Sadly--one of the taller kids on the other team was towering over him--so it didn't go far--but he took it! I was thrilled for him! They are getting a hoop from Santa and we are going to get it set up in the garage--out of the elements so they can practice shooting! I'm excited for them!!


Jules said...

YAY Jake! I bet he will love the basketball hoop.