Sunday, April 06, 2008

Learning To Ski!!

Having grown up in Utah it's pretty fair to say we learned how to ski. I didn't do as much as many of my friends but just before I got married I discovered it again. Bought my own ski stuff, and I looked darn good! I think I only actually used everything once---but after 11 years together, moving across the country, I still have those skis. Not that there is much to do with them here. We do have a little (I can't even call it a ski resort)"HILL" here that all of the kids rush to to ski and snowboard, it's not like Winter Park real estate but when it's all you have, you'll take it.

My kids keep begging us to take them and I really don't want to! You have to realize, my temperature range for happiness is from 68 to 72 degrees. No more! No less! My body actually functions perfectly for only a few short weeks a year--and if you think we are subjecting the body to 32 degrees while they learn to hurl themselves down the mountain...think again!!