Saturday, January 13, 2007

Pre-Tween Addictions!

My boys are 9 and 3 weeks from 7 so they aren't "big kids" by any stretch of the imagination. But they have developed this addiction with basketball over the past few months. I'm not sure how it started--and I have blogged about it before!! They can tell you any number of any player in the NBA! It's truly remarkable!!

Today they asked me to sign them up for baseball. I'm totally 100% AGAINST that! There are a few reasons for that one--mainly--my oldest hasn't played in these leagues, and I would be afraid that he is too far behind the other boys. But when he plays with his dad--he's amazingly coordinated--so he would probably fare just fine. The sign up fee is $70.00, which is fine, but then they require that each child purchase $50.00 in Raffle tickets. So it comes to $120.00 each--and I have 2 children.

I decided that I would rather focus their energy on the one sport they both adore. I signed them up today for "Chicago Bull/Sox Academy". It's not really close to home--but it's a 6 week program-1 day a week--for 90 minutes. They work on shooting drills, dribbling, passing--all things that my boys find exciting! My youngest is eligible to play Basketball next year--so I think with a couple of these "Academy" trainings under his belt--he should be the superstar of the court!

Also, there is open gym basketball Monday - Friday for two hours after school. It costs $60 per year to take part in this, but I think I will be signing them up for this as well! That way they can get all of their "Physical" energy out of their system after school. Then we'll come home, get their homework done--eat dinner, have bath/shower time--and off to bed! I'm very excited for this!

We are off of school on Monday for MLK day--but starting Tuesday--we are all over it!!