Sunday, January 14, 2007

They Call Me Sweetness 'Cause I Like To Dance!!

Yep---we are brushing up on our Super Bowl Shuffle!!!

Today I have worked on Laundry! Yep, I know--bad me! But I had to! I've been sick all week--and my poor house is falling apart! The laundry is piling up and since it's my least favorite job in the house--I figured I would spend the day on it!

I folded 6 laundry baskets full of clothes while watching the Bears/Seahawks game! It was a great, horrible, nail biting--amazing ending game! But we just found out--even if they WIN the SUPERBOWL--we will be out of town for any sort of Victory Parade! What???? I will have missed my 4th chance to be at one! But I won't complain--I'll be chillin' with my momma--and that is far more fun than any parade could ever be!

I currently have another dryer full of clothes almost ready for folding--and a washer waiting for the dryer! Then about 15 more piles awaiting the washer! Yep--it's one of THOSE days!!!