Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Still Sick!!

I don't understand why I can't kick this bug! Last week I spent the week coughing but I wasn't terribly sick feeling--just had my "Sexy Voice"!! Well, no more! I still have the cough--but we've moved north! My sinus' are so packed that I feel faint whenever I stand up! There is a migraine brewing and everytime I cough--I feel like my head will explode! But worse than all of this---I FEEL SICK! You know-fuzzy headed, blah!!! I've spent the day in bed with a heating pad on my face, my neck, my lower back--and of course, my icicle toes!! The bad thing--I got my poor hubby sick too! He is at the early cough stage--but a friend of his gave him some super vitamin C packs--so hopefully he's taking those and can cut his illness in half! He won't be able to work his 16 hour days if he feels like I feel right now!

I'm hoping to be coming out of it soon! I haven't had a desire to sit down and blog--which is bad--as that is what I do to earn a little bit of money for our "Fun" fund! But it will have to wait--the brain is just not choosing to engage today either!

I haven't even had a chance to clean out the Tivo from Sunday night--I have 2 programs to watch--one being Crossing Jordan-which I've waited months for and the other being Brothers and Sisters. It's been awhile on that one too! But tonight, FINALLY--there should be a new Gilmore Girls out! It's their last season--and they've fallen down hill so bad since the creators left! But I thought I would give them a chance--and finish it through--but the quirky writing, the quick wit and strange trivia that is "Gilmore Girls" is totally gone! Now, it's just a strange 1 hour show once a week just to get us to the finale!! After that--It's bedtime with my fabulous heating pad! I can't wait!