Monday, January 08, 2007

Our Day Out!!

Today was my husbands day off! What is really sad is he is 'broken' due to an on the job injury about 3 years ago--yet he's working 16+ hours a day for nearly a month! He doesn't get many days off so this was a luxury! Not a luxury his body enjoys much though. His is the "A body in motion stays in motion" type--when it finally gets to rest, everything seizes up! So I let him sleep in this morning--which is something I wanted to do--but I had to get the boys up and out to school. I did fall back to sleep--where I had a horrible nightmare (morning-mare)and then the babies were up! I sat down and realized that the puzzle was coming to an end--so I stayed up searching!!

After the boys got home from school and we finished up homework--we went up to the local mall here-the HIP-Harlem Irving Plaza, to get Grayson's birthday present. Every year he wants "Monster Jam" tickets, and online they kept offering me totally bogus seats. So we went up to Carson Pirie Scott--and got some great seats!

We then walked the mall. My oldest has learned that he LOVES the mall. He's 9!!! I'm in some serious trouble when her turns 14!! He and his little brother lookedin every shoe store for Air Jordans or Allen Iverson shoes. Then every sports store for basketball jerseys! Yep, they've discovered basketball! We had dinner in the Food Court--which means we paid the same amount that we would have paid at a lovely steak house--for McDonalds and chinese food. But the kids loved it and they were very well behaved--so that was nice!

We won't have dad home again for another week or two--unless he gets the same illness that Blake and I have!! I hope not--it'll kill him!!