Tuesday, January 09, 2007

1 YEAR!!

Today is the 1 year anniversary of my husband "Quitting Smoking"! What a fabulous year it has been! I have never been a smoker--I have never enjoyed cigarette smoke--mainly due to the migraine it brings on almost instantly--but I loved him, and he NEVER smoked in the house or in the cars! So I kept my mouth shut! Having him was well worth putting up with some habits!

I never nagged--I never requested that he quit--I always left it up to him. He had tried just before he had his neck surgery. His surgeon refused to do the surgery if he were still smoking. It seems that it slowed the healing time. So my husband got on Zyban--and quit for a month-almost!! I put up with Mr. Cranky pants--because I was very happy that he was trying to quit. But a man in pain 24 hours a day with kids home for the summer, and going through nicotine withdrawals--OH MY GOSH!!! We survived in tact--but it was starting to wear thin! Then just under a month later he was smoking like a chimney again. This was the ONLY time I said anything. And I told him that we put up with garbage from him because we knew he was in pain and having cravings--but now that he was smoking again--the next time he wanted to quit--we wouldn't be nearly as forgiving! That probably sounds bad--but you have to realize that the kids couldn't even do kid things without the wrath of dad being poured out upon them, and I wasn't going to put them through that again!

6 months later he renewed a prescription for Wellbutrin (Zyban--but covered by insurance) and he started the cessation process again! I DIDN'T SAY A WORD! He hadn't brought it up with me, and I didn't feel it was my place to bring it up--but I was on the lookout for Mr. Grumpy Pants! Well, he never came! After about month 3 my husband casually brought up that I hadn't noticed "anything". He didnt' mention smoking--he just said--"You haven't even noticed!" I let him know I knew exactly what he was talking about--and that I was amazingly proud of him!

Now here we are today--1 year later! I have my sweet smelling husband, my kids have a daddy that loves to spend time with them as much as they love speding time with him, and our budget has had a boost of around $200 bucks a month!!

Happy Anniversary Sweetie!!