Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My New Blog!!

Ok!! It's official! I am a DOMAIN OWNER! Whooo Hoooo! Now mind you--I totally screwed up my order in getting everything-over paid by nearly $100, spent an hour on the phone getting it worked out! But I now have a refund in my account--and a blog on my own domain!

Since everyone knows this blog, I kept it at Genkidesuyo! Which for you non-Nihongo speakers--it means-I'm Happy in Japanese. So the new blog can be found at Genkidesuyo.com.

It's kind of fun having a whole new blog to throw my life onto!! Check it out--leave me a comment on what should stay---there isn't much! What should go--there isn't much!! and What I should include!! Mind you-if you think there is something to be added--you may just have to tell me how to do it! I'm CLUELESS on this whole Tech-thing! And if you'd like to link to it---you would be my hero, and I will link you to this one--when google finally updates, and it's a "4"!!


skeet said...

Congratulations! You look lovely!