Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Another One Of "Those" Days!!

Oh bother!! Have you ever had a day when absolutely nothing goes right??? Well, it's started! Mainly because I'm sick and about to cough up a lung--but it's been quite a day--and it's barely noon!

First off--I put the house to bed last night at 8:00pm. Mainly because it's a school night--and they need to be in bed early. But I usually try to keep the younger 2 up so that they will sleep in a bit. So everyone is out by 8:00, I'm in my bed with a heating pad on my back trying to get the 'knotty' feeling to go away! 3:45 am, my oldest is up and in my room looking for something. I ask him what he's doing--but nothing comes out--I have no voice--so I have to yell kinda loud to get him to hear me--but then a YELL comes out! Wakes up the dog--he's barking up a storm, wakes up the husband...HOLY CRAP!! Turns out the 9 year old, was just looking for the time--which is odd because he sleeps with an alarm clock next to his bed-and it has the right time! So I think he was sleep walking! 4:30 the baby comes in, hands me his bottle and the gallon of milk with which to fill it! I do, he takes the milk back to the fridge and off to bed he goes! 6:00 husbands alarm goes off--wakes me up! 6:30 kisses goodbye (wouldn't trade them) wakes me up) 7:00 baby again--gallon of milk and bottle--repeat!

8:30 I get up and get the school age boys up for school and out the door-ready to go have some more quality time with my heating pad--but NOPE!! Both babies went to bed early--and they are UP! So I go into the kitchen to get my morning cup 'o joe (Diet Coke) and sweet hubby took the last one! ARGH!!!

So I eat the chicken soup I made last night for dinner-for breakfast--loving the hot broth on my poor throat! Get little lady ready for school, and off we go! I have to pay for her new term at pre-school--but also want to sign her up for art classes, because I tell you--she's AMAZING!! So they are (in my mind) supposed to start tonight--nope they started YESTERDAY! So she missed a day! Jake has scouts tonight--but I'm not sure we are going--they are so on and off with it, that I really don't want to drive 45 minutes to the church only to find out--he doesn't have it tonight!

Ok--I'm putting little man down for his nap--and I think I will take a short one too! Just a short one, because Little Lady gets out of school in an hour and then I have to pick up the boys!! I think it will be another early night for the family!