Thursday, January 11, 2007

Roomba & Scooba!!

If you remember a couple of weeks ago I was thrilled to have found such an amazing deal on a Scooba on Ebay, and the Roomba came free??? Well, I will take just a quick sec--and catch you up!

I have 4 kids, and 2 BIG dogs! SO my kitchen floor is usually comparable to a science experiment gone awry! But with so many things to do in a day--cleaning the kitchen floor seems to take a backseat to everything. But it bothers me because it's the one thing I LIKE clean! So I saw that the Roomba makers had come out with a Scooba. It is like the Roomba--but it uses soap and water and it cleans the floor. So I started to check into them. As always--I went to Ebay first. There I found many Scooba's anywhere from $250-$399 buckaroos! But hey--it was to make my life easier--so it was going to happen! But then I found it!!!! I could get a Scooba for $338 bucks and a Roomba came with it, and free shipping! What a deal! Now mind you--it's the base model Roomba--but it's still got a retail sales price of $150 bucks! So to get them both---ah, I purchased immediately!

Now you are all up to date! Well, I got both boxes last week-and just haven't had a chance to sit down and read their paperwork--so as not to screw up my little robots! So there they sat, and sat, and SAT! Well, yesterday--I was having no more of the sitting! I took the Roomba out--and put him on the kitchen floor. Right out of the box--I hit the "Clean" button, and off he went! He was SOOOO Cooool to watch! He did an absolutely fabulous job--and when he was done--Down went Scooba. I had charged his battery last week--so I knew he would be ready to go. He went off on his merry way cleaning my kitchen floor! He circled--and then off he'd go to the wall, then back zig zagging across my floor, cleaning all the while! HE DID GREAT!! After he was finished--he knew when he was done--he flipped on his blue light, turned off his motor, and sang me a little song!

I do have to say--my floor looked great--but the proof is in the pudding--when I dumped out the dirty water tank--it was dark brownish gray and disgusting! He truly had done a fabulous job!

Now all I need is a robot that does laundry--and I'm ALL over that one too!

This is not a paid post--just a post by a mom that found a way to really get some help out of a product with minimal help from me! I filled his tank up, and I emptied it! Other than that--he was on his own! $338 may seem kinda high--but keep your eyes open for a deal! It really was sooooo nice to have a beautiful kitchen floor without raising a finger!!