Friday, January 12, 2007

TiVo Is Back!!

Yay!!! After what seems like MONTHS---my shows are finally back on with NEW programs! Tonight it was "Men In Trees"--Yep---I LOVE IT!! I want to move to Elmo, Alaska just to live near these people!! Yes, I know they aren't real, but still, it's got such great writing that you can't help but want to be part of that community!

I am sick, and my husband came home from work tonight a little early cause he was sick--so I just let Men in Trees Tivo. I will watch it tomorrow! I want to relax--kick my feet up, and just soak it in!!

Besides "Trees", after what seems like a YEAR--Crossing Jordan starts up again on Sunday! I had given up on this series ever coming back! I Tivo the older episodes-but trust me--I've seen them all---TWICE!! This one is supposed to pick up where the season ended! Jill Hennesey on the run, looking for the real person that killed her boyfriend!

Lets just say--I'm glad the "Hiatus Period" is over!!