Friday, January 26, 2007


Ok, I know I have spoken many times about it--but seriously--I LOVE MY SCOOBA!! Holy Cow--how have I survived for 10 years of marriage without it! It's currently in the kitchen cleaning my floor! Just happily plugging away swishing and swiping! I really think they need to hire me for their advertising! I will extol it's virtues till the day I have to wash my own floors, after burying this one and waiting for my new one to come! But, mark my words-----I will NEVER live without one again!!

Ok, well, that was my plug for the night! I need to go in and dump out his dirty water tank--and what's odd-even though he just cleaned the floor 3 days ago--the water is brown and disgusting! Like you haven't washed it in weeks! Bleck!! So again--if you don't have one----you NEED ONE!!!! They are fabulous!

*This IS NOT a paid post!! Just my humble opinion of a fabulous product!!