Friday, January 26, 2007

Making It TOO Hard!!

If you are anything like me--dinnertime is AWFUL!! Not really, but the planning and preparation of it is! What's the main dish--side salad, vegetable, bread, dessert!! ARGH!! It's the worst part of the day! I don't mind cooking anything--but please don't make me plan it!

Friday Night has always been family movie night! The local grocery store has a tremendous deal on pizza--and it's yummy--so we usually get one-doctor it up with olives and pineapple. Then we find a movie on pay per view or buy a new one, and we watch the movie and eat our pizza. Well, then my kids decided they prefer my pizza bread to the grocery pizza because, like me, they don't enjoy pizza sauce. So there is a little more to this production--but hey--it's already planned--now I just have to put it together!

Well, tonight, aside from Scooba and laundry--I had NO ENERGY to make dinner! I've been sick for nearly 3 weeks--and not much has gotten done. So foodstuffs for dinner had not been purchased--and I was just going to have to wing it!

A couple of nights ago I was craving egg salad sandwiches. So that's what I made for dinner. Both of my boys turned up their noses to the idea, but I called them in and let them taste it--and now it's a favorite. So I thought--A HA!!! I have 3 dozen eggs in there (buy 18-get 18 free) and if I don't hard boil them soon-they will end up in a soupy mess on my kitchen floor. So I decided that we would have the sandwiches again!

I felt like a bad mom! Sandwiches for dinner--too easy! But then I remember over the summer we were at my sisters house, and she made BLT's. My kids had never tried one-because I'm allergic to tomatoes--but they loved it! After we got back to Chicago--I made them for them several more times. And then it hit me!!! Why does dinner have to be soooooooo hard! My kids were thrilled with egg salad sandwiches again! I didn't need to make a pot roast or homemade chicken noodle soup--they would have been fine with Tuna Sandwiches!!
So I've decided that from now on--there will be at least 2 nights during the week, where mom doesn't have to work much. And we will have a lighter dinner!! Plus, pizza bread on Friday--leaves me only planning 2 days during the week, since we go to the inlaws one night--and Wednesday is crazy-find the closest McDonalds on the way home from Scouts-dinner!! I'm likin' this!!


kat said...

Yup, no one said dinner had to be a 4 star gourmet deal every night. We often do sandwiches or fend for yourself nights. The teens like that a lot. They get to eat whatever they choose.

yay for me not cooking! LOL

wiccania said...

my mom did sandwiches for dinner all the time. sometimes it was my favorite thing to have for dinner. egg salad, tuna salad, blts, and of course standard lunch meat options. i didn't realize until later that my mom was just making things easier on herself, but it's not like we suffered for it. AND we got to eat potato chips with dinner.