Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hillary Clinton!! Bleck!

Oy!! Is this honestly what's coming next? I am NOT a Hillary Clinton fan--I never have been--I never will be! What's funny-- last Friday on talk radio throughout the Chicagoland area--they actually had callers calling in to let us all know that Barrack Hussein Obama--is the Anti-Christ! My heavens, they were totally serious and had the Book of Revalations opened to let us know exactly why they were right! One woman was even quoting Nostradamus Quatrains!! Huh???

Now, I'm not going to go all Hillary is evil on you--but OHHHH I could! I'm just not sure we are quite ready for her--just yet! What I am amazed about in this election we have a woman, an African-American man, and a hispanic man throwing their hats into the ring! And as much as I am NOT a Democrat--it's kind of nice to see the diversity!


melissaclee said...

My husband totally predicted that Hillary Clinton would do this!

Nellie said...

I tried to resist the temptation but was weak. Is Hillary wearing her Halloween mask??

kat said...

Hillary, despite how she may look, has an really good head on her shoulders. I won't be voting for her unless no other candidate wins the primaries.
Obama is not a bad guy, just does not have as much experience as all the rest of them.

I need to see who wins the primaries before I make my final choices.
I'm a registered independent, I vote on the issues, not party lines.