Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Day Off!!

Wow, we survived!! A whole day off school has the makings of a day of craziness! Especially with mom still sick! Yep--you heard it right! We are moving into week 3! My husband is not happy with me for not going to the doctor. He keeps threatening the emergency room to take care of my pneumonia. I don't know if I have pneumonia or not--I've never had it before--but my body is seriously trying to dislodge and expectorate my lung!

The boys got a basketball hoop for Christmas, and have been begging for us to put it up. My husband is still working 14-16 hour days, and I've been sick since shortly after Christmas-so the poor hoop is still sitting in my living room in it's box. I did promise Jake that as soon as I was feeling better, we would put it up in the garage. I think he's ready for me to go to the doctor as well!

Yesterday I spent the afternoon getting my new blog up. It's at www.genkidesuyo.com/wordpress! It's not quite what I wanted! I wanted a theme that I could upload and change the pictures on--I have a Burberry theme that I want--but I don't know how to do it! So I have this pretty Iris one until I can work out what I really want, and can figure out how to tweak it! Iris is my favorite flower--so I was happy to see it! I'm still working on getting it from .com/wordpress--to just .com! I got to step number 6 before the Greek set in and confused me!

I hope it's up and running soon! I feel more and more silly with how much I don't know! And I HATE that feeling!