Wednesday, January 24, 2007

More Chicken Soup!!

Yep--you heard it right! After two weeks of posting how sick I am--Well--I still am! I've had a couple of good days, but today we are back to snuggling with the heating pad wrapped around my head for my sinus infection! I'm still trying to expectorate the lung--for any of you keeping track!! It's holding steady though--but not for lack of trying!

My kids aren't seeming to get better either! So it's possible we'll be heading to the doctor tomorrow! I hate the doctors office when your kids are sick! It's hard enough to get through the wait with 4 healthy kids--but it is positively miserable with 4 sick ones--not to mention me!!

So we are having homemade chicken noodle soup again! The chicken is on the stove, and I'll put the veggies in as soon as I'm feeling up to doing it! Like I said on the last chicken soup post--It tastes so good when you are sick--but it is so much work--when you are sick! I was tempted to just purchase the roasted chickens from the grocery store and just debone them--but the broth is so much healthier when it's got all that chickeny goodness--so we are boiling chicken!