Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Mundane!!

I have done nothing today! That's bad! I still have a ton of laundry to finish up. I was going to watch Talladega Nights while I folded clothes, but I'm leaning toward some of my favorites instead of something new. So it might turn into Love Actually-and something with Kate Hudson in it! Oh, but the Lakehouse is still on Tivo--so I may start with that!! Who knows!

The kitchen is in need of "re-find-ing"! Four kids can really take a toll on counter tops! I can't wait for my Roomba and Scooba to arrive--any day now! For any of you looking for a GREAT DEAL on both--get on eBay! I ordered the Scooba for what others were charging--and they threw the Roomba in free-with free shipping as well! It was quite a deal! Once they arrive--poor Scooba will be cleaning the kitchen floor at least 3 days a week. It's one job that I would like done daily--but just don't get the time to do it!

The depression is still hanging in there--hard to get it to let go! Everyone has been commenting and trying to make me feel better! You guys---I said it was a Trigger--it isn't the problem--the problem is the stupid disease. Thank you for your kind words and thoughts, it REALLY does mean alot!!

I guess I better get back to the mundane! Laundry awaits! I think I will go shopping later and pick up a couple of more t shirts--I'm LOVING them!! So--to anyone who knows what the above paragraph is about--Have a great day! And to those of you that don't--Have a great one, too! And to Julie--thanks for the LoudLaunch info--I signed up and put you down as the refer-er--made me some extra cash yesterday! Thanks!