Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Artiste!!

<---It's a Dinosaur!!

Yesterday--Blakelynn had her first art class. She was really excited by the whole thought of going to another school on the same day she'd already been to school! Wow, mom, 2 schools today--was her exact phrase.

The reason she is being signed up is because she is an amazing little artist! Now I know I'm just her mom, but she is barely 4 years old and she will draw something and aske me what it is. A very dangerous game, I know. But everytime I say what I think it is--she agrees that it is in fact what the picture is of. So I started thinking that she was just changing it to match what I said. The next time she drew a picture, I just thought to myself--that looks like a dinosaur--so I asked her what it was, and she said--"It's a dinosaur!" Wow--I was right! We did that a couple more times, I thought it was a turtle--it was. I thought it was a flower--it was!! The amazing one was the elephant--and even dad guessed that!

So we put her in Young Rembrandts at the Parks and Recreation center. Yesterday they drew mittens and hers looked wonderful! She came home wanting to practice squares and rectangles. Funny thing--the first of each one--was perfect! She's also very close to writing her name. I'm just amazed at how big she's getting! I HATE it!!