Sunday, January 28, 2007

Arlington Park Racetrack!!

Today we spent the day with Gramma Jo and Grampa Archie! We went to the Kids Carnival at the Arlington Park Racetrack! Oh how fun! Gramma Jo's client got us free parking and free entrance tickets. Parking was six dollars and each ticket was $15.00, so for 2 cars and 7 people--$132.00--it would have been a very expensive day! But I think all in all we spent money on popcorn and drinks for the kids!

I have a million pictures-so I decided that I'm going to divide them up and put up a certain theme everyday! Tonight--you just get the pictures I took of historic Arlington Park! Now, is it really historic?? I don't know--but I've heard about it most of my life--and I'm not from Chicago--so it must have some sort of fame!!

The kids had a blast! There were horse races (kids dressed up like horses running around a track), there was face painting, balloon animals, magic shows, train rides, carnival games and even a cow milking (watering) contest! Yep, all of these photo's will be released throughout the coming week! Just in time for the Superbowl! We will be having my 6 year olds birthday dinner at Gramma Jo's house for the Superbowl--he'll be turning 7 on the 6th, but we'll be on an airplane that day! So I will have plenty of new photo's to post next week!!