Friday, January 19, 2007

My New Punishment!!

Everyday (but Monday) my Blakelynn has pre-school. W/F is really close to home, so I drop her off at 12:15 and I'm home by 20 after. Barrett knows that this is his time to take his nap! So we are driving home today and I said, "Barrett, are you ready for Bah-Bah Notch and Bob bed?" And you know what I got???? The silent treatment! My 2 year old has discovered the silent treatment! Now I have to say this one is so much more fun than my 6 year olds- "I hate you!" but it was the first time I've seen him let his "un-happy" feelings be known without crying!

I asked him if he loved me, and he buried his head farther away from my mirrors viewpoint. So I asked him if he wanted a cookie. He fought it hard, but I WON!! His face lit up, his mouth dropped open, his tongue came out and he started chanting- "Yeah--Yeah--Yeah!" So since he was officially talking to me again--I asked him the original question about going to sleep on his Bob (Bob the Builder) bed--and again, his head turned toward the window--and he refused to speak the rest of the way home. Even when I got him out he avoided looking at me at all costs! Poor thing! We walked in the door, I took of his shoes, picked up his "Notch" (milk) and headed to bed! He fell asleep with no hassle, and I'm still about 5 minutes from waking him up!!


Christine said...

How male of him! LOL


Anonymous said...

It is amazing how quickly they learn all the tricks.