Friday, January 05, 2007


Woooooo Hooooo! We have plane tickets! Wow, what a hassle! We have 5 people flying out on one reservation--me and 4 kids, and then 1 person flying with us to Phoenix, but home 3 days later. That means that all 6 of us fly out together on February 6th, then the hubby flies home 3 days later, and I fly home alone with the 4 kids on the 13th! Yes, I'M CRAZY!! Or at least I will be!

I'm not really worried! My kids are seasoned pro's on an airplane! Well, all of them but the baby! I've got plans for him though! I'm hoping he'll be great!

I can't wait to get there and start taking pictures with my new HP camera I won from the Postie Patrol. I really haven't had a chance to break it in yet! So that will be nice! My Aunt and Uncle finally getting to meet my baby will be the best part. We lived near them for a long time, but moved right before my little girl was born. We visited last when she was 4 months old. Now she's 4 years old, and we have a 2 year old they've never laid eyes on! They have a new son in law--well, new to me--and a new grandbaby--so I really can't wait to catch up with all of them!!

I will have to keep you informed on what takes place!! I Can't WAIT!