Friday, January 19, 2007

To Do List!!

I've written out my To Do list for the day! It includes a number of things. I've been sick for nearly 2 weeks and nothing has been getting done! My first stop is laundry. Tonight is family movie night--and I don't mind sitting with 100 baskets of clean clothes and folding them while I watch something good! This is my favorite time to do it! In fact, if I remember correctly--I've posted on this exact thing--TWICE!!

I only just recently discovered how to run my washer and dryer downstairs at the same time I'm running my dishwasher upstairs! Sounds pretty simple to all of you "Modern Women" I'm sure--but my house is 60 years old--and you blow a fuse if you run the toaster and the blender at the same time! So now--when the laundry is going I can actually "multi-task" and work in the kitchen as well!

After the kitchen has been re-claimed--I will put Roomba out! Let him do his thing while I tackle the living room. When he's done--it's Scooba's turn while I whip the master bedroom into shape!!

I really am going to take before and after pictures! Normally I wouldn't dare--but after I've just told you all--I've been sick for 2 weeks-I'm expecting some understanding! Plus it will give me the motivation to get it done and post the finished pictures!!

So--by the end of the day--I should have at least 6 batches of laundry done--the kitchen cleaned--the floor swept and mopped (not by me, of course) the master bedroom and living room found and vacuumed! That will just leave the kids rooms as the sweet hubby cleaned the bathroom for me a couple of days ago!

Ok--so I'm off to take pictures! I will post them in a minute!!

Oh--wait!! I have to go pick up Blake now, and the boys in 45 minutes! Darn it! I was just going to get my "groove" on--but now I have to wait until 3:00!!