Thursday, January 18, 2007

13 Things I Want To Teach My Children!!

Thirteen Things about Robyn

1. To just enjoy being a kid. You can never come back again--so enjoy it!

2. To learn to enjoy each other now--you waste so many years fighting, and when you are finally old enough to enjoy each other--you are all married with families and lives of your own, and you don't have the time to really experience your brothers and sister.

3. Be polite! You can get the world--just by being nice.

4. Take pride in your appearance. Don't be snobbish or ego-centric--but don't be sloppy either. Take a shower every day, wear clean clothes, brush your teeth, keep your hair groomed and your fingernails clean! It's an amazing boost to self esteem when you "Just feel good about yourself"!!

5. Stay away from Drugs! I have never had an experience with them--but they have so many models in their lives that show the different pitstops along the path of destruction! Drugs destroy everything good in your life--family, friends, jobs, FREEDOM!! Stay away!!

6. Choose good friends. Friends that have the same standards and moral values that you have. There is far less pressure to do something you shouldn't be doing--when your friends aren't doing it either!

7. DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE OPPOSITE SEX UNTIL COLLEGE! That probably sounds old fashioned and silly--but my boys have missions to get through--no need having an exclusive girlfriend in high school--it only leads to trouble! Blakelynn--get your education and set your goals high--that way you will be the gem that another educated, virtuous young man will treasure!

8. Get good grades in school. All of my children are far "smarter" than I ever was. Invest in yourselves for your futures. Good grades in high school translate into good grades in a good college, which translates into GOOD JOB!!

9. Boys---treat your wives with respect and love. Never raise your voice to her--your father has NEVER (in 10 years of marriage) raised his voice at me. Love her! Listen to her! Let her be the mother to your children and not some woman that has to choose between work and family--if she wants a career--support her--help her out at home-wash the dishes, make dinner--do the laundry. The one thing I would LOVE---1 day a week-let her sleep in and you get the kids up and ready for school. If she wants to be a stay at home mom--support her. Budget--spend money wisely. DO NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT HOUSEWORK--she's raising your kids--and that takes a lot of time and energy--trust me!!

10. Be wise in your decision making. Weigh the consequences of your actions--strive for the good in all things.

11. Learn to SAVE! A savings account is a life preserver. There may come a time--when others can't help you out financially--but with a savings account--you are taken care of. Learn it--Live it--LOVE IT!!

12. Develop a Work Ethic. Try not to be a work-a-holic like your dad--but do your job and take pride in a job well done. Your dad is admired by all who work with him because he is the first one in the door in the morning and the last one out the door at night. He is there when there is a need--without being asked--just because--he knows there is a need! Follow his example. Learn the satisfaction that comes from a job well done--and strive to do your best.

13. Always remember that your Mom loves you and wants nothing but your happiness. So LISTEN to your mom (and dad), I'm not going to lead you wrong--I'm trying to save you from the heartache of wishing you could go back in time and change all of the stupid mistakes you made growing up.

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Layla said...

Those are great 13 things to teach your children, mine, and or anyones. Thanks for this great post - it is the foundations we lay as parents that really make the difference for our children.

Sparky Duck said...

eh, let the kids be interested in the opposite sex in HS. No need to be exclusive, but it does make things more fun.

something blue said...

Those are noble and idealistic points! It's obvious that you love your gorgeous children to the moon and back...