Thursday, January 24, 2008

Helping My Jake!!

I have spent the past several days looking at different things for Jake. He's getting to be a big kid. He's 10 and weighs 100 pounds. He's round--but doesn't look anything like 100!! I'm worried he has the same thyroid problem as I do. I've been waiting for him to start his growing spurt, because as soon as he does he'll thin right out. The problem is...I've been waiting for 2 years! So I've started looking into nutritional supplements to see if there are enzymes out there to help him digest his food. I'm also a little worried about his demeanor. I'm thinking he may be suffering from a touch of depression--so I'm looking into more 'healthy' backups for that as well. Hopefully in the coming weeks--I'll be able to figure out what he needs and get him the necessary help!


Elizabeth said...

As the mother of a former "big kid", I want you to know I completely understand. When my oldest son was in kindergarten, he wore size ten jeans. By second grade he was in fourteens, and was wearing 16 husky by third grade.

Then, this past summer, he grew almost four inches. He is now in the fifth grade and still wearing the same size eighteens as last year. The doctor kept telling me, just wait, he'll hit a growth spurt and his height will catch up to his weight, and that's just what happened. So that might be where your son is headed as well!