Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Missing My Mom!!

I have never been so excited to post in my whole life! I know--it sounds strange! But I have been without my desktop for over a week, and I finally got it up and running with internet today, and like a good friend that has been gone for awhile--I'm reveling in it's company!

Speaking of friends being best friend has headed to Yuma for the remainder of the winter. Of course, I'm speaking of my mom--she and my dad have a beautiful 5th wheel that they take down for the winter. I always get sad when this time of year comes around, but I don't know why--with me in Chicago and her in Utah, it's not like I could just pop in and see her anyway. I do have the ability to call her on the phone--but not until late evening--and that just doesn't happen very often! So it's taking it's toll on me! I will talk to her tonight for sure, but it will be three days since I've talked to her by then!

Are all of you out there as attached to your mom?


Joey said...

I'm sorry Robyn... I so know how you feel. By the way, how is your mom? Joey

Lynne said...

I know how you feel too. My mom also goes to Yuma in the winter where she shares a place with her sister, my aunt. It just seems so very far away.
Somehow it gives me comfort to know that your mom is in Yuma "with" my mom (even though they don't know each other!).