Wednesday, January 02, 2008


As most of you know--I have a couple (read...LOTS) of .com's going! Today after getting all of my internet/router problems settled--I headed over to the main account... Genki Desu Yo and it was gone! But, but, but...payment for the year isn't even close to being due yet! So I checked out all of my other ones, including Stocks 'n Stuff which is my Aunt Peggy's domain--but I host it for her, and you know what, that's right--they were all gone! Nykaza Family, Cheffin' It even Scale Hoppers was gone--mind you that one hasn't been updated in a while-but still---GONE! Just my luck! I finally get all of my technical issues overcome--and found more!

Luckily, a quick email to my hosting company--and all was well! Apparently something 'technical' had to be re-started and I was up and running! But hey, those 30 minutes of concern were scary! So anyway--no fears! All sites are up and running for your viewing pleasure! hee hee