Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Year In Review!!

I've been taking some time over the past couple of days to think about some of the things that have happened in the year 2007! I am happy to report that I have now gone through three entire years not being pregnant at all during any of them. Our first 7 years of marriage--I spent a month or two in each year pregnant--that all ended with Barrett in October 2004!

I've done pretty darn good staying home and making some additional money. This money has been so wonderful for our family, that it's been especially hard to see it go. We've had the chance to spend a weekend in Vegas, just my husband and I. We've taken the kids to countless events that normally would not have fit the budget. We got a new computer. A new treadmill, and just all around had money that didn't have to affect my budget to spend. That will be the hard part of the coming year!

We bought a new home and moved our family out of the city of Chicago. That is definitely the biggest event in our life. We are now Suburbanites, and honestly--we are very at home.

We've had family members come to visit. Some stayed with us, others stayed near. And still others stayed a state away--but we were still able to track them down for a visit. Living so far from my family, it's nice to have been able to see the special people that we did. Thanks Bobby and Sherri, Peggy and Mike, Steph and Lee and of course, my momma! Anytime anyone needs a place to stay while visiting the Windy City...just let me know!

This year I did something really hard--something that still brings guilt showering down upon my head. Last July I had to put our Rhodesian Ridgeback "Bear" down. He had been a hard dog since the beginning--and I honestly persevered with him and got him to nearly 10 years old. Because of his lack of bladder control moving him to the new house was out of the question. Plus he started to get very aggressive with me--and for an African Lion Hunter--that can be kind of scary! As much as it needed to happen--It still triggers a great amount of depression--I hope we never have to do that again.

Two weeks ago we welcomed a new family member into our brood. Little Wasatch has been quite the handful. Friday he went in for his "snip" and even with a belly full of stitches, we can't keep him calm and on all four feet. He's a trial for me--and I do contemplate returning him to his owners--but the thing that keeps me holding on--is the dog that I know he will become when this puppy stage is over. That's a long way off--but honestly, I wouldn't miss it for the world!

Our kids are healthy--although their mother was sick most of the year. How weird is that! I spent the entire summer deaf, and have actually just started to feel better for the first time in a long time! My husband has herniated another disk in his neck, lives in constant pain--and is going through some neck injections to try to ease his pain. Please keep him in your prayers.

I have not been a great "member" this year. I will do so much better in 2008! My goal is every Sunday. Seeing how I'm a Primary Teacher now--it shouldn't be too hard. Plus, church moves to the afternoon and that will help in and of itself. I would like to get back to the temple this year. It's been a long time--and well, I think it's about time! Plus, hey--maybe I can tag along to Hawaii with Stephanie and Lee!!!

Well, this is getting long---but for my last full night of 2007, I thought I should make some sort of post!

Happy 2008 to all of you! May it be the best year yet!


Lynne said...

You've had a very full year! Here's wishing you a very happy New Year! :-D