Sunday, December 30, 2007

Be Careful What You Wish For!!

I think it's funny how when you get what you really want--the time it takes getting used to the new item kills me! I'm way too impatient for my own good--but this laptop is killing me. It literally makes it hard to sit down and blog.

I think it's mainly because of the fact that my internet is totally screwed up. I don't have it on either desktop, and the laptop is sometimes reading it sometimes not! I SOOOOOOO don't understand networks and 'stuff'! My other main problem is the mouse. That is one thing on my desktop that I have come to depend upon. This touch pad and clicky buttons will be the death of me. I do think I will go find a normal mouse to use with the laptop--it will make my life so much easier!


Principal Sal said...

You can plug in a regular mouse for the laptop! Once you get used to it you will love it! I am laying in bed blogging! FUN!