Saturday, December 29, 2007

Folly Beach, South Carolina!!

There are just times in my life that I find it really hard to keep moving. You know, lack of motivation, laziness, depression. You name it--I've got them all. They all seem to come on after a holiday, or even a day off for my husband. My body/brain has gotten to shut down for a bit of rest and relaxation (never) but it's still really hard to jump start it up again! Then I get down on myself, which leads to more depression--and self loathing! It's just a nasty cycle that I can't seem to break!

I've been looking over some websites trying to see if the thoughts of a vacation calm the mind--but you know they don't! Even the sites discussing beautiful folly beach sc real estate don't seem to distract me like they normally would. I'm hoping to snap out of it before the trip to Florida comes in February! If not--maybe I'll be heading to South Carolina on my own!