Monday, January 07, 2008

I Finally Did It!!

I've always wanted to be a part of a book club, but with four little kids ... or three little kids and a 'demon child'--I never did. Plus, I was always "the newcomer" and even though I'm sure I would have been welcomed and included, I just never really felt like having to go and force myself to be social in a group where everyone already knew each other, and honestly, it's more of a small, intimate group of friends, and NO ONE wants to be the newcomer in that situation, least of all shy little me.

Well, my sister in law found a fabulous way to get rid of all of my concerns. First of all--she just started it, so I'm in on the ground level. I still don't know 90% of the people involved and in fact, will never meet many of them. But this club is AWESOME! It's an online book club in a forum type setting. Our first book is "Nineteen Minutes" by Jody Picoult. What is fun is that there are many people who have finished the book--and they'll write different things on the forum that help those like me (I'm on chapter 3) get a feel for what's going on. We meet honestly, anytime we want to--we post our thoughts and comments, our likes our dislikes, our favorite characters--things you would say in a real book club-but they are online--and it doesn't matter that the 'Demon Child' is destroying my house--no one in the book club has to suffer through it. I don't even have to get a babysitter. I'm loving it! I don't get a lot of time to read during the day--so it's what I do as I fall asleep--hence there's only 3 chapters under my belt!!

If you've wanted to join a book club but have found some reasons not to--take a look at Spotted, and see if it is not just the most "novel" idea ever! No, it may not be hers--but I'm giving it to her because well--it's the first one I've heard about!

If you want to join us--just sign up--and head to your nearest library or book store. I'm starting chapter 4 tonight--and one of the newest members signed up today--and is picking up the book later--so check us out!