Thursday, January 03, 2008

I Have To Brag!!

I was just over at my sister in law's blog and she was talking about their family business's new website. It's been amazing forever, but apparently my baby brother has done some 'redecorating'! I have to tell you---head on over if you want to see some amazing talent! He's always been artistic, but never really on the photography side. His wife started the business and was always my amazing photographer, but wanted to be a mommy when they started their family. So my little brother Kelly (not to be confused with his wife, Kelly) learned the trade. And I have to say he didn't just learn it, he mastered it!

If you would like to see just what you are missing in a photographer, head on over to Gallery and click on "The Weddings"! They are located in Utah--so if you live around there and want him, you have to book early because that boy is WANTED! If you live outside of Utah, never fear...if you want the best, you can always fly him to you!! You won't regret it!!

**Note**I know it's the hip, happenin' trend--but those of you planning a wedding and looking at wedding gowns--PLEASE steer clear of the white dress with the dark colored sash! It chops up the line of your body and accentuates your waist and makes you look chunky! Trust me! The long white dress forms a continual line--it makes you look taller and thinner. When you chop it up--you just look fat! So unless you are anorexic...can the sash--it's awful on every dress I've ever seen it on! It's not cute, it's not new, it's not hot---it's HORRID and yes--instead of looking at your face or anywhere else on your wedding day (or in your wedding pictures for years to come) Everyone will just be looking at your short, chunky waist---and that's never what you want!! Just Sayin'!!


lynne said...

So, I just want to make sure I understand, you DON'T like the dark colored sash on a wedding dress? :-D