Thursday, January 03, 2008

13 Bloggers I Read Everyday!!

Thirteen Bloggers I Read Everyday

1. Venomous Kate
2. Lynne
3. Karen
4. Elizabeth
5. Suni
6. Kelly Anne
7. Sally
8. Skeet
9. Mr. BenSpark
10. Peggy
11. Jennifer
12. Lisa
13. Charlotte

**These aren't in any particular order, and if you aren't on the list...Fear Not! I have other blogs with the rest of my list! Have fun! For the rest of the list, check out The Alexa Project

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Lynne said...

awww, thanks! I'm blushing!

This looks like a fun meme, but I'm a bit intimidated by the HUGE list at the hub site. Maybe I need to look at it again when I'm not so tired. :-D

Elizabeth said...

Thanks Robyn! That's an awesome group to be a part of, all those rockin' bloggers :)

Venomous Kate said...

Woooh, woooh, I'm Number One! I'm Number One!

Thanks, Robyn. I'm so glad I discovered your blogs, too.