Friday, January 04, 2008

I'm A.D.D. And That's All There Is To It!!

Are you A.D.D.? I know, I know--there are a lot of things that run through your mind when you hear those letters-and so most people will say "no". I for one, wholeheartedly believe that I am--at least to a degree. This has been my day...

Working on a budget. Sit down at the computer with tabs open for every bill plus the bank. When I notice that every month we are getting paid interest ($.38) and then immediately after the bank takes a $25 service fee. Not a bounced check thing--just a charge for having our money with them. So I stop said budget and look up how many months we've been charged this---7! Notate it, and head back to the bills. Realize that many of them are still for the previous house that hasn't been rented yet--mind you--we moved out 4 months ago--and until it's rented, we are paying for it. So I stop, add up it's bills, decide that I need to rent a Uhaul to finish getting our stuff out, so that it can be painted--wait, am I painting it or are friends from work painting it? So I stop--call the husband--he'll talk to friends at work--and get back to me. Uhaul on hold. So I start looking at buying paint this weekend to get it painted this week--but then I need to schedule Luna or Empire to come do the flooring, can't do that until we hear from the friends at work and father in law. But I have a list of everything that needs to be done before we can rent it. Tell husband to go to the bank and get our accounts switched back and to demand $175 credit back to our account. Head back to the bills, realize we pay nearly $80 a month in tolls on the tollway. Call hubby to tell him to stop taking the tollway to work!

It's now 2 hours later, I don't have a budget---and I have to get on the tollway to drive to the old house to pick up the mail and fix the wallpaper in the kitchen!

Nothing is done--and now I'm zipping out the door to run an errand that really could wait--but shouldn't--and I will probably start on some other project (or three) before we get out the door!

Is there a medication for this?


Elizabeth said...

I am positive that I must have adult ADD. I sit down with the bills, log on to our credit union's internet banking site, see I have mail in my inbox, start reading that, which takes me to the PPP forums, which takes me to someone's blog, which reminds me I need to post something... it's like a never-ending cycle!

Jennifer said...

See all of your stuff was brought on by the bills and bill related things, so it's not that bad! If you were doing the things like in elizabeth's comment, then you'd REALLY have a problem :)