Friday, January 11, 2008

My How Time Flies!!

Last Monday we finally moved all of the rest of our stuff over here from the old house. The load included a file cabinet that was in the basement. We didn't have room for it in that house, so it's been in storage for five years. Yesterday I moved it into place next to my computer and went through it to clean it out.

It was so fun to see everything that was in it. All of our taxes since 1995 were there, the receipt for our wedding rings, the paperwork for the purchase of our first two homes and scrapbook items from the boys. It was just a really fun experience to take a walk back through time. I did end up throwing almost everything out--but it was still really cool to see it again! I couldn't believe that this stuff had been sitting in this box for 5 years since we moved from Phoenix. My how time flies!