Monday, May 21, 2007

Gene Simmons!!

I was able to spend some time last night cleaning out my Tivo. Holy cow was it full! I started with the new stuff which is probably backward--but it was easier. I watched last nights Gene Simmon's Family Jewels and I have to say-I was totally impressed. I think it's funny that I'm drawn to this show because normally I would not be. I wasn't a KISS fan, couldn't even tell you a song that they did, but hey--it's a great show.

Last night Gene took his daughter down to Camp Pendleton to show her military life. It was amazing to watch just a moment of basic training. Then they went to visit a Veterans Hospital, something I really think we should all do. To give back, Gene and Tommy (guitarist) put together a tribute. It was so amazing to watch. They sang all four of the armed forces anthems, and it was so inspiring to watch. I've had a chance to sing an 'anthem' as a member of an 'army' and I have to say--there is nothing more thrilling than the opportunity to sing as part of something bigger than yourself. It was a great show--and I couldn't delete it!!