Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My Day!!

I am so behind on my life! Everything feels like it is out of control. I get that way when it starts to get warm, and I can't get cooled down. I need to clamp down--get the house straightened, the laundry finished, and my van cleaned out. These are generally the signs that I'm out of control. Last night was the final Bulls camp of the session. Another one starts in 2 weeks for the month of June, but I think we will let it go for the summer, and pick it up again when school starts.

I do need to get the grocery shopping done as well. I haven't done that in weeks!! It's going to be a busy day!


Green Earth said...

Hope you get that shopping done. Know the feeling when you are just too busy to get the regular things done.

In regard to the many, many things on your list to do, have left a private message for you at PPPforum in regard to one of my blogs.

Best wishes, The Artist