Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day!!

Later today we will be cleaning the house! It will be the requirement before we head to the in laws for a day of swimming Memorial Day fun! I'm not sure the kids will be too thrilled to help, so we may have to pull out the big wall of money! I know, bribery is bad--but helping mom and clean house is good! So I will put up with paying for good habits while they are little, so that when they grow up, I can stop paying them, and simply reap the rewards of all of my years of paying for it! Of course, by then they will be ready to get married, and their wives will get to reap all of the rewards of my hard work!

We really don't have much to do. Picking up some dirty laundry, toys and taking some garbage out--we should be good! Maybe I can get Grayson to clean the bathroom for me. I'm so lucky to have a little boy who likes that so much!