Saturday, May 12, 2007

Wisconsin Wedding!!

Well, the drive to Wisconsin from Chicago isn't usually very long. But yesterday, due to construction and Rush Hour--it took about 2 hours to get where we were going. We stopped at Target to "dress" the kids, and then we were off. We found the church quickly, and got everyone changed. It was so surreal walking in and seeing my nephew standing next to a girl in a wedding dress. Truly--he's the fourth grandchild in my family to get married--but the first one that I've actually been to a reception for.

It was so fun to get to spend the evening with my sister. I never really get a chance to just sit and talk to her. Rick was my kids favorites, of course! It was just really fun to have members of my family around. Everyone thanked me for coming so far to see them--I thought it was funny because they all traveled a heck of a lot farther than me!! They came from Utah--their flight was longer than my drive!

Robyn and Rick fly out this evening--and are planning to be in Chicago only an hour or two before they have to be at Midway. I was hoping they flew home tomorrow night! I would have taken them to dinner at my husbands restaurant! But oh well, maybe next time!