Friday, May 11, 2007

Wisconsin Bound!!

Yep! As soon as I pick the boys up from school we are heading north to the great state of Wisconsin! My sister Robyn (yes, same name as me--and yes--she's really my sister) and her husband Rick will be there tonight for their son's (my Nephew) wedding reception. He and his wife were married on the 11th of May in Utah, but are coming to have the reception for her family and friends tonight. I just put the address in on Mapquest, and it's about a 2 hour drive. The reception starts at 6 and ends at 8, so we will try to leave around 3:30 just to try avoid some of the rush hour traffic on the Interstate 294 here, and we will probably hit the Milwaukee rush hour-but I think we will be heading the opposite way. I hope anyway!

When you've lived apart from family for so long--you are willing, almost giddy in fact, to make the long drive to see a familiar face. In my head, I have a picture of a little Brian (nephew) just 2 years old or even younger riding the baby boats with his big sister Steph at Lagoon. It's been imprinted on my brain for 20 years now-since he's now 22! Last year he was still on his mission in the West Indies, and now he's married! That's amazing!

My sister Robyn has always been called Big Bird, and I have always been Little Bird. She married Rick in 1982-possibly 1981--I remember their wedding like it was yesterday-and yet--here I am going to their youngest child's wedding. Uncle Rick has always been my favorite--I was really little when they got married, and he would always play with the three of us younger kids. Tickling, wrestling--he was the most fun. Last summer all of us had a family reunion up in Jackson Hole and it was amazing to see our kids being wrestled and tickled by Uncle Rick. He's always been the hit with the kids-I'm just amazed that it's now my kids that adore him! I told my kids that we would be seeing them tonight--and they kept asking--Is Uncle Rick the one that pretended to be the bear? Yep--totally him! We were all in our cabins getting our kids down for the night--and all of the sudden there is growling and tapping at the windows. Scared my kids--till they realized it was Rick! Man--we love that guy!! I was 10 or 11 when they got married--so I've grown up with Rick around--he's pretty much more of a brother than a brother in law!

Robyn has always been Drop Dead Gorgeous! She is in her 40's and honestly she doesn't look a day over 21! I'm 7 years younger, and I think I probably look older than she does! Don't you hate having beautiful older sisters??

I will take some pictures when we get up there! I need to go get ready to go!! I'm so excited!!