Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day!!

Well, Mother's Day came and went--and I got diddley squat from my husband! I was a bit on the 'ticked' side because he had just spent the day making every other mother in the Chicagoland area's Mother's Day wonderful--and mine was completely ignored!!

Well, this morning (Monday) the doorbell rings, and there is a big green box from Pro-Flowers! He hadn't forgotten (well, completely anyway!!) It was a package of beautiful multi-colored roses and chocolates. The note said Happy Mother's Day and Happy Birthday! Seeing how today is the day in between both days--I guess I will take it!

I marveled that it took 10 years for him to ignore his wife! When we were first married-I forbade him sending me flowers. It costs a fortune and they just die. Well, I must say--they cost a fortune--but they certainly are fun to get!! I'm glad he's finally learned not to always listen to his wife!!


Lisa said...

Don't worry. I didn't get anything. Not even a card.