Sunday, May 13, 2007

Breaking The Habit!!

I am really an easy going wife! Not much that my husband does warrants getting on him about. Do somethings drive me crazy? Oh sure, but it's just not worth any sort of hurt feelings or problems that might arise by mentioning them. Plus, I have about 110 more things that drive him crazy I'm sure, so if I don't want to open that can of worms--I have to keep my mouth shut!!

This being said, there are a couple of rules that I do have--and honestly, he's abided by all of them--and you know, he really doesn't have too. He's a grown man--he could rebel! One of my big rules--he used to smoke--but has since quit. He couldn't smoke in the house or in the cars. He smoked in his car, but never mine, and never in the house. Rule two: If he goes out drinking with his friends, he is required to call me to pick him up. I don't care if he's had 1 drink 10 hours earlier or 15 drinks 10 minutes ago--if you put alcohol in your body--you call me. This is my own life insurance policy. I am happy to be the designated driver--I'm always sober! He used to call, but then having to have me pull sleeping kids into the car to drive across town to pick him up started to make him feel guilty. So instead of drinking and calling me--he just doesn't drink! How easy is that! He is the only one out of all 12 of his high school gang that doesn't have a DUI, and everyone else has 2 or more!!

Yesterday--I had to cut him off! He is addicted--and I had to put my foot down! He and my sons are addicted to collecting trading cards! I'm all for this--really I am. But honestly, we are getting into some addiction patters, and a TON of money has been spent on Basketball cards! So I told him yesterday that he can't buy Basketball cards for 1 month. Now yes, he's a grown man, he works hard for his family--he is ok to purchase cards--but I told him--you will know it's an addiction when he's buying his cards on the sly and not telling his wife about it! I could so totally see the sly guilty look in his eyes knowing full well that was exactly what he was going to do!! Sadly, my boys are addicted too! So we are card free for 30 days! Wish us luck!!