Monday, May 14, 2007

Delonne Anderson Invitational!!

My parents always go to a Golf Invitational every year. It's named after one of our very most favorite people in the world. His name was Delonne Anderson, and he passed away the week before I got married. He was probably the most angelic, sweet, wonderful person you could ever meet. I went through his receiving line and his wife Margaret hugged me and told me over and over that he would be at my wedding the next week, she just knew he would be. He was a sweetheart!

It's the Delonne Anderson Invitational and it's held every year at the Oakridge Country Club. When I was younger, our backyard was on this golf course. First hole, second tee--and we belonged to the Country Club--that's right--I was a member of the Country Club set!!! I don't think my dad belongs to the club anymore-so this is a nice chance for him to get to golf on the course he loves so much.

Every year after the tournament there is a beautiful luncheon and a raffle. My dad always buys 5 raffle tickets. My mom always thinks they should buy more--since it's such a lovely day, but he always just buys 5 and they have never won. Until this year that is! In fact, this year---4 out of the 5 raffle tickets won prizes!

Lucky parents!!