Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What Would I Tell Her!!

This is my picture from my Junior Year in High School. One of my favorite pictures ever. I had braces! Oh, how I loved, Loved, LOVED my braces!! Since today is my 36 birthday--I thought I would take a minute--just for myself, and think of the 36 things that I know now--that I wish I could tell this girl!! Of course, having been that girl--I probably wouldn't have thought too much about it at the time!!

1. There's 4 months until your Grandma dies--go spend EVERY moment possible with her!!
2. Study harder-Get good grades, Stay on the High Honor Roll--you will regret that you didn't.
3. Forget about A & J & G and all of the other boys...there is plenty of time for boys LATER.
4. Learn to save your money better.
5. Be honest in all that you say and do.
6. Get the Butterscotch Colt instead of the White Nissan Sentra.
7. Don't jump into a 9-5 job when you are in College. Enjoy the kids when you are a kid.
8. Take Japan just a little more serious.
9. Develop good habits--and quit biting your nails.
10.Don't settle for anything less than a Temple Marriage.
11.Keep yourself worthy for a Temple Marriage.
12.Never Go Out With A!!!!!
13.Stick with S really hard!! Don't let your self confidence deride you--
14.Wait a little longer before you start having kids. Enjoy time with your husband
15.Kiss and snuggle Cinders just a few more minutes before you leave on your Honeymoon.
16.Be more patient with J. He's going to need you more than anyone else in the world.
17.NEVER MOVE AWAY FROM UTAH--you'll never get to go back!
18.Stay active in the church--if not for you--do it for your kids.
20.Work with J on some fundamental habits when he's little
21.Don't let your husband take the job transfer to Chicago with the franchise hotel!!
22.Wait a little longer between J & G--J is going to need it!!
23.Always listen to your mom--she is amazing and truly--knows everything!!
24.Don't spend money you don't have--always pay your bills on time!
25.Forget about S!! Just Forget about it!!
26.Remember your time with a Baby G. It goes so fast--remember him!
27.Forgive past acquaintances--you don't need to carry that with you as long as you will!
28.Keep up with the Japanese language--your kids are going to want to hear it--A LOT!!
29.Don't get caught up in stupid stuff with your sister in law, she won't be around very long.
30.Get on Anti-Depressants as early as possible--and stay on them!
31.Go on Thyroid pills right after giving birth to J--you'll regret it for the rest of your life!
32.Take care of yourself--you were pretty when your husband married you--stay that way!
33.Learn to share your time with your kids better than you do.
34.Learn to understand J when he's little--it will save heartache and stress when he's 9!
35.Love your husband. Be thankful for him everyday--and show him that!
36.Enjoy being 17 years old. You can't wait to grow up, but you'll spend your life wishing you could go back!


Elizabeth said...

I had that exact same hair style when I was in about the seventh grade, and I remember wearing those shirts buttoned all the way up!

I loved your advice to your younger self. I can identify with so much of what you said, about forgiveness and regrets, and about getting on antidepressants sooner. I think I would have been friends with you back then!