Monday, May 07, 2007

Friday Is Milwaukee Time!!

I'm not sure I mentioned before--but I get to go to Milwaukee on Friday. To some that may not sound like much--but to me it is thrilling!! My nephew from Utah got married 2 weeks ago to a young lady from the Milwaukee area. They had the wedding and reception in Utah earlier, but this Friday is the reception for the Bride's friends and family. Now, I've never met the girl--but I'm dressing up the kids and heading to the reception--I've got family to see!! My older sister Robyn (yes, we have the same name) and her husband Rick are hoping to be there--I'm crossing my fingers!! If not--I will get to see my nephew Brian--meet his wife (that's weird) and just have a chance to see a familiar face here in this 'little' area of my world where it's just me!! So I'm excited! I was going to try to get a hotel room--but it's not that far away-I think I'll swing it all in one fail swoop--if it gets too late-we'll catch one then-but the plan is not to get one--unless they have an indoor pool for the kids-hmmmmm, maybe I better check into it!