Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Angry Rant!!

Well, my brakes went out yesterday! For this, I blame my husband. Why? Because as a "man" he is in charge of all things mechanical. The brake light has been coming on for months--I've asked him to take care of it for months--and here we sit! Even now, he's sleeping--instead of taking it in to the dealership to get the brakes fixed, the recalls taken care of and the key fixed. It's the only car the entire family fits in--so if it has to stay over night--then we will need a rental on a mini van. Tonight is Bulls camp--and if we don't have it back by then, then he has to take the boys in his truck, and the remaining three of us will be stranded at home! We were also going to go buy a new fridge today--and he was supposed to go apply for a mortgage loan! Yet--he's asleep! Having a work-a-holic husband SUCKS!! He will always tell you that his family comes first--but that would be a LOAD OF BUNK!! Work comes first--we are just a side mention! I was ready to call work the other night to tell him it was time to come home. He had been at work for 14 hours everyday last week--and if they can't run a restaurant with him not working so much--they shouldn't have opened a restaurant!! I'll let you know what actually gets done today! If you want my bet--Bulls camp will be the only thing done!! I'd lay a C-note on it!!


salsansom said...

Ohhh how I can sooooo relate to your ANGER!!! Remember my post about the tile floor WAY back in JANUARY???? Well, I am still waiting for it to get completed. I have been putting money away to actually pay someone to finish it in July when I am off! Chris isn't so much of a work-a-holoc, rather he is a flame that "burns out" before everything is done! Ahhh but we LOVE THEM!! :)