Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Angry Rant Is Over!!

Ok, I figured since I was ranting earlier about the list of things that needed to get done today--I thought I would update and give some "Kuddos To The Man"!! No fridge shopping took place--although it was offered. We took the van over this morning, stopped at Walmart for the popcorn for Little Lady's pajama party at preschool and got her to school just a little late. We came home--Hubby took a nap and I chilled until it was time to go get the kids. After school, we all piled in to the truck and headed to pick up my van. After we got the van--new brakes, new key and all recalls cleared--we headed to Bulls Camp.

After that we headed to the Riverside Mall and I was able to buy my new Starbury tennis shoes. They are a little tight--but awesome, can't wait to break them in! We had dinner at the food court--and amazingly enough--spent as much money as we would have had we gone to a sit down restaurant like the Olive Garden or The Outback!! Then we headed home--got the boys to bed--they have to get up early to finish their homework--and here I sit! But I must say--much more was finished than I ever thought possible! Mortgage application didn't happen--and it won't happen tomorrow--so I'm thinking either next week--or never!!


AzDana said...

Congrats on your new shoes! The only place that sells them in AZ is at Desert Sky Mall, so looks like I'm out of luck unless I want to drive there from the east valley.

You gotta take a pic of your new shoes and post 'em up for all of us to see. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze?

Elizabeth said...

They sell those shoes at Steve and Barry's University Sportswear, I'll have to try them on. I thought they were for men only!