Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Job For Today!!

Yesterday was my husbands day off. Not much gets accomplished usually, and yesterday was no different. It's hard to get into work mode when he's home. So my whole groove is thrown off! He did get the lawn mowed-which is a huge job-and I'm so glad he does it-cause I wouldn't be able too! I on the other hand-got nothing done. I did help my Aunt Peggy get set up with Yahoo Messenger--so much easier than the MSN one, and now I get to talk to her everyday. It's been over a month-so that was nice.

Today we are moving all of the kids to one bedroom. We only have 1 bedroom with air conditioning, and our wiring just can't handle a second one. So we will have 4 beds in one room, and all of their clothes and toys in the other room. The boys will help me after school today--they would like to play PS2, so that is the job to do to earn it!! hmmmmm, I hope it gets finished!!