Sunday, May 06, 2007

My Saturday!!

I mentioned my morbid thought about my two important projects before--and have decided that Saturday and Sunday would be my days to start clearing away these projects-or at least getting them to an organized stopping point.

I spent all of last week going around the house and putting everything that has to do with scrapbooking in 1 of 2 kinds of boxes. The first four boxes are directly related to the kids-they each have their own. Their completed scrapbooks go into this box-their box of keepsakes goes into this box, and all of the things that need to eventually go into their scrapbook go into this one box. Yep-it's a huge box! The remaining two boxes are for equipment. Every year for Christmas I paint each of my children a matching ornament--so the ornaments for the coming years and the paint for them probably shouldn't go in here-but for now--it is. All of my paper, stickers, embellishments, scissors--everything--goes into these boxes. I'm also really ANAL about my negatives. Before I got my digital camera in 2002, I have hundreds of rolls of film. Each are cataloged. One sheet per roll of film. There is a grid that has the scrapbook page that the picture is on, the date of the picture, the shutter number, a quick explanation of what the picture is--and then what kids scrapbooks contain the picture. And I have one of these for every picture I have taken in the lives of my children! I told you I was anal about it!! Anyway--the catalog with the negatives will be going into a fireproof safe as soon as I get one--but until then-they are in the box!!

I also have two big boxes of the "other" double print when only one child was in the picture. So those were separated and put in each individual box. I spent the day yesterday on Jake and his 6 scrapbooks. Found every picture that hasn't been put in yet--and banded all of the pictures that have been used! Jake's box is done!! After Jake--it was Barrett's box and his lowly ONE scrapbook-I'm so behind!! His 'stuff' is all put together and ready to be stored till I'm ready for them again!! Today is Grayson and Blake's box! You would not believe how much clutter has been cleared simply by creating a specific place to keep it organized!!