Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Starbury Shoes!!

Well, it was my husbands last day off for the week! It was nice! I got some blogging done--I got some cleaning done. When the kids got home we headed out to a card shop for Basketball cards for the boys. We were going to head to Steve and Barry's for a pair of Starbury shoes for me! Have you heard about these shoes?? They are made by Stephan Marbury of the New York Knicks. He was raised by a single mother and always wanted the coolest, new, expensive sports shoes--but absolutely could not afford it. So now as an NBA multi-millionaire--he's giving back--and he's gone back to his roots to do it! He has created a line of basketball shoes. If you cut them down the middle and compare them to the $125 basketball shoes--they are identical. The only difference? Starbury shoes sell for $14.99! How amazing is that! My boys will be living in these shoes. What a great idea, and honestly there are a large number of styles and colors to choose from. DG already has his dream pair picked out! If you want to see what these great shoes look like--check them out at!!